Clash between the two Corinthians will be available on streaming

03/12/2020 12h02 Corinthians Agency

More than 100 years ago, London Corinthians-Casuals FC was considered one of the biggest clubs in the world, inspiring the foundation of a club in Brazil and Real Madrid’ white kit. The club enabled the popularization of football all over the world. After visiting Brazil back in 1910, the club came back for a tour in 1914 but news about World War I made the group return to Europe, directly to the battle fields of France, losing more men than any other club in the history of football.

Today and more than one hundred years later, the name Corinthians lives in two sides of the planet – Corinthians Casual FC playing on the 8th amateur division in English football, and Corinthians Paulista, two times world champion and one of the biggest professional clubs in the planet.

“Irmãos no Futebol – A História dos Dois Corinthians” tells the extraordinary story of the amateurs Corinthians Casual, when in 2015 left south of London into a journey to finally play in Brazil the game that did not happen in 1914.

Friendly game between Corinthians and Corinthian-Casuals FC at Arena Corinthians, 205.Amistoso entre Corinthians e Corinthian-Casuals na Arena Corinthians, em 2015. Image: Daniel Augusto Jr./Corinthians Agency

The movie, produced by Chris Watney (also director) and Jay Barrymore, follows the passionate journey of Corinthian-Casual to Brazil and talks with great football names, like Michael Owen, Steve McManaman, Edu Gaspar, Danilo, Roberto Rivellino, Martin Tyler, Sid Lowe, manager Tite and Tim Vickery, the South American football journalist

“Irmãos no Futebol – A História dos Dois Corinthians” – movie premiere next March 19, available on live streaming platforms distributed by California Filmes.


During a tour that the club had to tragically abandon 100 years ago, on the brink of World War I, a team of amateur players from south London, Corinthian-Casuals, started a 6,000 km pilgrimage to the other side of the world to play against SC Corinthians Paulista, in front of thousands of fans in São Paulo. Capturing the dreams of many boys, the documentary “Irmãos no Futebol – A História dos Dois Corinthians” also celebrates players from the original Corinthian FC, famous for originally popularizing football around the world before dying while fighting for freedom.


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