Copa America: remember Corinthians’ players appearances for the Brazilian National Team

06/17/2019 11h24 Corinthians Agency

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

This Friday (14th June), Copa America 2019 kicks off. At Estádio do Morumbi, Brazil will face Bolivia,  with two Timão players in the side managed by Tite: the goalkeeper Cássio and the right-back Fagner. During the upcoming days, will remember some of the best moments from Alvinegro players in previous editions of the competition.
From the 35 previous Copa Américas (also called Campeonato Sul Americano de Futebol until 1975)  when Brazil played the competition, 23 editions had appearances from Corinthians players.
Overall, 41 Alvinegro players have been called up to represent the Brazil national team at the tournament. Four managers left Corinthians to lead the Brazilian national team: Osvaldo Brandão (1056 and 1957), Vanderlei Luxemburgo (1999), Carlos Alberto Parreira (2004) and Mano Menezes (2011).

Check out all Copa America editions with Timão players in the Brazilian Natinal Team below:
Brazil – 1919 (Cchampions)

Called Up: Amílcar and Neco

Brazil – 1922 (champions)

Called Up: Amílcar, Neco and Rodrigues

Argentina – 1937 (2nd place)

Called Up: Brandão, Brito and Jaú

Uruguai – 1942 (3rd place)

Called Up: Brandão, Dino and Servílio

Chile – 1945 (2nd place)

Called Up: Begliomini, Domingos da Guia and Servílio

Argentina – 1946 (2nd place)

Called Up: Aleixo and Domingos da Guia

Brasil – 1949 (champions)

Called Up: Cláudio

Peru – 1953 (2nd place)

Called Up: Baltazar, Cláudio and Gylmar dos Santos Neves

Uruguai – 1956 (4th place)

Called Up: Baltazar, Cabeção, Gylmar dos Santos Neves, Julião, Luizinho, Olavo and Roberto Belangero

Peru – 1957 (2nd place)

Called Up: Cláudio, Gylmar dos Santos Neves, Índio, Olavo, Oreco and Roberto Belangero

Argentina – 1959 (2nd place)

Called Up: Gylmar dos Santos Neves 

Bolívia - 1963 (4th place)

Called Up: Cláudio Danni

América do Sul – 1979 (3rd place)

Called Up: Amaral, Palhinha and Sócrates

América do Sul – 1983 (2nd place)

Called Up: Emerson Leão, Sócrates and Wladimir

Argentina – 1987 (group stage)

Called Up: Carlos Gallo 

Chile – 1991 (2nd place)

Called Up: Márcio Bittencourt, Neto and Ronaldo Giovanelli 

Equador – 1993 (quarter-finals)

Called Up: Viola

Uruguai – 1995 (2nd place)

Called Up: Souza

Bolívia - 1997 (champions)

Called Up: Célio Silva

Paraguai – 1999 (champions)

Called Up: Dida, João Carlos and Vampeta

Colômbia - 2001 (quarter-finals)

Called Up: Dida and Ewerthon

Chile – 2015 (quarter-finals)

Called Up: Elias

Brasil – 2019 

Called Up: Cássio and Fagner

* Editions of 1916, 1917, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1975, 1989, 2004, 2007 and 2011 Brazil did not have any Corinthians players called up for Copa América.