Corinthians beat São Paulo to become 2019 Women’s Paulista champion

11/26/2019 09h10 Corinthians Agency

Image: Bruno Teixeira

On Saturday (16) by beating São Paulo, Corinthians become Women’s Paulista Champion. With a massive support from Fiel Torcida at Arena, Alvinegro defeated 3-0 São Paulo and conquered the trophy – the first in this competition. Victoria Albuquerque, Juliete and Millene were the goalscorers.

With this win, Corinthians keeps unbeaten, with 20 victories on the 20 competition games, scoring 67 goals and only 7 against.

The Game

Timão started the game with an overwhelming pressure on their opponent, with Victoria Albuquerque opening the scoring at minute 4.

“At that exact moment, we think about a lot of things. There isn’t much to explain, I just thought about running to the fans to give back all the support they gave us. I was very emotional there”.

Even with the lead, Corinthians kept pushing and second half also started with a goal during initial minutes. Taking the opportunity during a counterattack, Juliete got a pass from Millene and shoot to the goal.

Almost at the end of the game, third goal was scored by Millene, closing the story of the first Paulista title for Alvinegro’s Women football.

Image: Bruno Teixeira

The Manager

With this title, manager Arthur Elias conquered the missing trophy in his career. During his reign, Timão won Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro, Libertadores and now Paulistão.

“The word is accomplishment. It was a title I was chasing for a long time and it was also missing for the club. I’m very happy with this achievement, it was an extraordinary competition and we played at a very high level. This result only confirms our work” – said Arthur Elias. Fiel Torcida was not forgotten. “Incredible support. The emotions lived in the stands were the fuel for the players. Having almost 30 thousand people at Arena is a personal achievement for everyone at the club”.

This title crowns a successful and unprecedent season – several records beaten, titles conquered. To the manager, this season gives motivation to keep fighting for perfection and continuous evolution in the sport.

Image: Bruno Teixeira

Attendance Record

28,609 fans – new football attendance record for women’s football in Brazil. To Victoria, watching more than 28 thousand fans honouring women’s football is achieving a life milestone. Almost as “daydream” – number 17 said. For the player, this achievement was possible also due to the effort of the athletes that, in the past, fought for the sport.

Image: Bruno Teixeira

“My generation is reaping the benefits of the work done in the past. So, I just try to enjoy the best way I can. I talk with Érika a lot about this. She tells me it’s different than what she experienced at the beginning of her career. I try to give back all the care I receive, and I hope this doesn’t stop here. We have to keep getting this support and be proud of what others did in the past”.