Corinthians delivers Personal Protective Equipment donation to hospital

A thousand of Santa Marcelina Hospital professionals will receive face shield masks with letters from NGO children

04/29/2020 11h11 Corinthians Agency

The partnership between Corinthians and Novo Jeito, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), allowed to deliver to Santa Marcelina Hospital in Itaquera, a thousand Personsal Protective Equipment to help their professionals fighting COVID 19. The equipment was received by Rosane Ghedin, president of Rede de Saúde e Cultura Santa Marcelina and Fabria Santana, hospital’ CEO.

The face shield masks were delivered in hand and each of them had a letter written by a child at the care of the Guarulhos region NGO. This donation was possible with the help of the company Extrusa-Pack.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, Corinthians has put in place all the Fiel Torcida forces, not only to support the local authorities with the physical facilities to fight the disease, but also using the power of the brand in digital channels to mobilize fund raisings to support medical institutions.

How to help?

Individual person: cash donations (any amount to support hospitals), volunteering (doctors, nurses, dressmakers, designers, communication professionals, amongst others) and also donating blood.

Companies: cash donations (any amount to support hospitals),workers (promoting volunteering), donations – equipment, food, and meals to support working professionals – and clothes to intensive care units.


Bank account details

Banco Itaú:

Agency: 1732

Account: 13350-7

Account Owner: Casa de Saúde Santa Marcelina

CNPJ: 60.742.616/0001-60

Banco Santander:

Agency: 3809

Account: 13000370-2

Account Owner: Casa de Saúde Santa Marcelina

CNPJ: 60.742.616/0001-60


Banco do Brasil:

Agency: 1911-9

Account: 8560-X


CNPJ: 60.742.616/0001-60


For more information, please call +55 (11) 5555-7050 or access