Free Fire World Champion, Corinthians launches official shirt in the game

In-game version of Timão's uniform, the first of a football team in the world, will be launch this Thursday (18)

06/18/2020 12h24 corinthians Agency

Corinthians Free Fire become World champion and accomplished the same as in football (when won 2000 and 2012 titles). Free Fire Team will arrive tomorrow (18) with style on the most played Battle Royale in Brazil in 2019: the in-game version of Timão's shirt will be available on Free Fire. 

Corinthians is the first football club in the world to be officially on Free Fire. The game will, from now on, perpetuate the shirts of all the next world champions.

"The launch puts Corinthians in a prominent position in the eSports market and reinforces the club's strategy of opening new business and revenue sources", says Andrés Sanchez, president of Corinthians.

The Corinthians title was won at the Free Fire World Series, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, November 16, 2019. On that time, Corinthians and LOUD represented Brazil, competing for the title together with 10 of the best teams in the world.

Free Fire is a worldwide success, with more than 80 million daily active players, according to May data. The game has more than 450 million players worldwide and is the 3rd most downloaded game in the global list of the Google Play Store registered in the first quarter of this year.

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