In an exciting match, Corinthians is beaten by Carlos Barbosa at the Libertadores' Quarter-Finals

Next match will be played Friday (19) against the loser team of the encounter between San Lorenzo and Panta Walon

07/24/2019 14h55 Corinthians Agency

Image: Yuri Gomes

Thursday (18), Corinthians was beaten 2-1 against Carlos Barbosa at the Libertadores' Quarter-Finals. Corinthians goal was scored by Douglas Nunes, at Roberto Pando Gymnasium, in Buenos Aires (ARG).


Corinthians started the match with Tiago, Nenê, Henrique, Café , and Douglas Nunes. Obina, Batalha, Matheus, Caio, Murillo, Rafa, Renatinho, Higor, and Deives were also available to André Bié.

First Half

In less a minute, Corinthians opened the scoreboard. After throw-in from Henrique, Douglas Nunes spun around the defense and scored Corinthians' first goal. However, the equalizer came within a minute into the match, when Lé took advantage and scored.

The match got stiff and nerve-wracking, a lot of in-field passes at the halfway line. At minute 6, Tiago steps up to make a great safe for Corinthians. After a break called from André Bié, Corinthians was back even harder and were nearly able to take the lead with Matheus, with a great kick from out of the box, at minute 8.

Douglas Nunes was nearly able to score again. At minute 11, the number 9 cleared away from the defense and show low with his right foot, only to see his shot barely missed the net. The pivot had another chance with a counter-attack at minute 15, but he shot above the opponent's net. With only 20 seconds remaining, Batalha almost socred a chip shot from the defense line.

Second Half

Just like the beginning of the first half, Douglas Nunes created a dangerous chance in the first few seconds of the second half. However, his shot barely missed the net. A minute later, Matheus took the ball, advanced against his opponents and took a hard hit only to be salved by Gian Wolverine. The team had one of its best chances with Henrique, who received a pass from Doulgas, but shot right into the goalkeeper's hands.

At minute 4, Nenê received a left side pass from Douglas Nunes, but his shot hit the post. Five minutes later, Tiago showed up yet again to save a point-blank shot from Júlio.

With 18 minutes into the second half, Carlos Barbosa were able to take the lead when Darlan scored. In desperate need of a goal, Corinthians was close to the equalizer with a volley from Caio, which was defended by the goalkeeper. As a result, Corinthians lost the match 2-1.

Next match

With this result, Corinthians returns to Roberto Pando Gymnasium on Friday (19) to compete for ninth to twelfth place, against the loser team of the encounter between San Lorenzo and Panta Walon, in Buenos Aires (ARG). If they move forward, they can compete for fifth place on Saturday.