Research shows profile of Corinthians fans in Brazil; women's participation stands out

A study published by Ibope/Repucom shows data such as the demographic profile of club supporter, social media and Arena Corinthians presence, and other items.

08/04/2020 09h35 Corinthians Agency

Image: Bruno Teixeira

Corinthians was the source of a demographic study published last Thursday (30) that identified the profile of the club's supporters both in person and on social media. The Ibope/Repucom survey measured the volume of fans and presented the results of their work, measuring the so-called ‘Fan DNA’ of football fan since 2017.

The study concluded that 47% of Corinthians supporters are men, and 53% women. The number of female Timão fans alone is 19% higher compared to the other clubs. It also has the largest female participation among the 20 Serie A clubs, with a total of 13.7 million.

The club stands out in other aspects in Ibope study, such as: the number of young fans, aged between 16 and 24 years old, which is 30% higher than the national average (6.5 million); Corinthians also recorded the highest volume of fans with higher education, in absolute numbers (5.2 million); also in absolute value, it is the team with the largest number of fans with an income above 5 minimum salaries (2.8 million fans).

“Corinthians' DNA Fan” also measured the club's audience numbers in 2019. Using as a criterion the number of people who watched at least 15 uninterrupted minutes of a Corinthians match broadcast, last year 31 million people followed Timão on free TV channels. The club also occupied a space estimated at R$ 2.6 billion, collected in 818 broadcasts on free TV channels, cable TV networks and Pay-Per-View.

Another important number of Corinthians is the presence on social media  the club reached 23.8 million followers on the five main platforms, with 11.2 million on Facebook; 6.1 million on Twitter; 4.9 million on Instagram; 1.2 million on YouTube; and 445 thousand on Tik Tok. These platforms reached a total of 14.2 million unique posts in 2019.