Corinthians remembered “Noite dos Cristais”

Against Fortaleza, Corinthians' shirts had a yellow star stamped above the badge

11/13/2019 13h20 Corinthians Agency

Fans who watched the game Corinthians x Fortaleza, last November 6, at Arena Corinthians, saw something new on the shirts. After seven years, the club stamped again a yellow star above their badge, remembering “Noite dos Cristais” – November 9, 1938 – signalling the beginning of the Nazi persecution to Jews. During this day, the club exhibited “Sobreviventes do Holocausto” at the atrium of Casa do Povo.

This action was organized in partnership with the agency Tech and Soul and Memorial do Holocausto. After the game, shirts were auctioned, and profits donated to the Memorial. Part of the kits will also be used during a temporary exhibit in Arena Corinthians. Fans will be able to find the star to stam on their Corinthians shirts.

About “Noite dos Cristais”

“Noite dos Cristais” occurred 81 years ago when Nazis destroyed and vandalised Jew’s properties. During the night, more than a thousand Synagogues were destroyed, around 7,500 Jew’s stores depraved and showcases turned into pieces of glass, homes invaded, sacked and all Jewish Community Centres were burned.

During this night, more than 30,000 Jews were taken to Concentration Camps, besides other 16,000 moved to the Polish border.

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