Tiago Nunes’ first day with Timão: “Being Corinthians head coach, one of the world’s biggest clubs, is an honour and a pleasure”

01/08/2020 12h38 Corinthians Agency

Image: Daniel Augusto Jr. / Ag. Corinthians

Corinthians started pre-season work on Monday, January 6, at Training Centre Dr. Joaquim Grava, under the orders of manager Tiago Nunes, who has been officially announced and spoke for the first time after joining Timão.

“I would like to start saluting Duílio, Mr. Kalil and also Andrés. This is the first step to a new cycle, a new season and a for me a dream come true,” Nunes said.

“Everyone who lives passionately in this sport wishes to be close to the biggest clubs in the world. Today, being given such an important position in Corinthians, one of the biggest clubs in the world, is an honour and a pleasure.

“I hope to meet the fans expectations and the trust the club’s leaders placed in me. I hope we can use this new cycle as a mean, and not an end, to get inspiration for all involved in this season.”

The manager also commented about season planning, which started side-by-side with the club’s board and after the announcement of his signing.

He said: “Since the moment I accepted the offer to lead Corinthians in 2020, I had daily contact with the board, mainly Durílio, so we could start building the ideas for the club – managing the team, the club’s organization and the squad.

“We had meetings, I suggested players so we could have a plan A, B and C. This was teamwork and the board has made a big effort. We know the market is very hard, there are a lot of auctions happening for players and prices go up.”

The manager added that the actual squad chosen to stay at the club are similar to what he wants for the team and how he wants Corinthians to play in 2020.

“During my career I’ve tried several game models,” the head coach said.

“I grew as a coach having the opportunity to see almost all ideas but what I like the most is ball possession, technical conditions and with a style that’s enjoyable to watch. But this model will only succeed with training, where you can analyse each player and opponent in detail.”

Youth players were not forgotten and the manager is happy to choose players coming from the youth teams.

He said: “One of the conversations with the club’s management was about having a line of succession starting to use players with bigger potential.”

The manager also spoke about the short time to prepare for Paulistão and Libertadores qualifying.
“It’s a hard and emotional game, being in an elimination. South Americans balance themselves with the grit they play,” he said.

“We are facing very serious games and we know the first moments are crucial. We need to accelerate the process and find a team. I started to realise the responsibility to be in a good position in every competition.”

Ending the conversation, Nunes also spoke about some of the current players, like Pedrinho and Danilo Avelar and Luan, the new signing already announced for the new season.

The 39-year-old said: “I built the idea, with Avelar, of having him fighting for the defensive positions.

“That conversation already existed. Pedrinho has conditions and technical skills to play both sides. Luan is the type of athlete we always say football is missing; creative, good passing quality, goals, and we have expectations he can have a good start of the season.”

Corinthians will play the first games in 2020 in the Florida Cup, between January 13-19, in Orlando, United States.