1910 September 1 - At 8:30 p.m., under a streetlamp on the corner of the streets José Paulino and Cônego Martins in São Paulo, Anselmo Corrêa, Antônio Pereira, Carlos Silva, Joaquim Ambrósio and Raphael Perrone found the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista.

1911 September 17 – first game outside the city of São Paulo. In fact, the first two: in the morning, the team beats Ponte Preta 1-0 in Campinas, and in the evening scores a 3-1 win against Corinthians Campineiro.

1912 December 29 – represented by the athletes Batista Boni, João Collina and André Lepre the club wins its first cup, the Unione Viaggiatori Italiani, in a 10-kilometre walking competition held in Parque Antarctica

1913 March30 – Corinthians beat F. C. São Paulo by 4-nil and qualifies for its first São Paulo Championship, organized by the São Paulo Football League, in 1913.

1914 November 8 – a 4-nil win over Campos Elyseos provides Corinthians with its first São Paulo Championship title, with 10 straight victories in 10 games.

1915 With the promise of a place in the championship organized by the São Paulo State Association of Athletic Sports (Apea), Corinthians drops out of the São Paulo Football League, and ends up missing out on the two championships. The team spends the entire year playing friendly matches in São Paulo state, without conceding a game.

1916 December 3 – the 3-0 win over Americano guarantees the second State Championship title, with Corinthians once again undefeated (eight wins in eight matches).

1917 The team plays in the first unified State Championship, coming third.

1918 March 17 – inauguration of the Ponte Grande field, Corinthians’ first stadium, with a match against Palestra Itália. The friendly match ends in a 3-3 tie.

December 1 – Corinthians’ first out-of-state match: a 2-1 win over Flamengo in Rio.

1919 January 26– Champion of the first São Paulo State Challenge Cup.

1920 July 11 – the team’s highest score ever, 11-0 against Santos: at Vila Belmiro in the State Championship.

1921 October 23 – the team sets its record for the most goals scored in a match: trouncing Internacional from São Paulo by 12-2 in the State Championship.

1922 February 4, 1923 – the win over Paulistano ensures the State Championship title in 1922, the 100th anniversary of Brazil’s independence. Corinthians gains the nickname “Centennial Champion”.

1923 September 2 – the win over Associação Atlética São Bento 3-0 ensures the first two-time State Championship title in Corinthians’ history (1922/23).

1924 January 11, 1925 – another win against Paulistano, 1-0, ensures the 1924 State Championship title, the first of three times in which Corinthians would become three-time State Champion.

1925 November 11 – Corinthians plays an exhibition match against the Brazilian National Team, which is training for the South America Cup, in Buenos Aires. The match ends in a 1-1 tie.

1926 Club president Ernesto Cassano buys the land for Parque São Jorge, the name of a Tatuapé sub-district on São Paulo’s east side. This is Corinthians’ current home.

1927 Two State Championships: one for the Amateur Football League, on July 10, and one for the São Paulo State Athletic Sports Association.

1928 July 22 – Parque São Jorge is inaugurated with a 2-2 tie between Corinthians, São Paulo’s 1922 Centennial Champion, and América, Rio de Janeiro’s 1922 Centennial Champion.

November 25 – Corinthians defeats Portuguesa 3-2, winning its sixth State Championship title.

1929 May 1 – the team’s first international victory (3-1 over Argentina’s Barracas) gives rise to the nickname “Musketeer”, coined by journalist Tomás Mazzoni.

December 1 – 4-1 thrashing of the team’s rival, Palestra Itália, at its home, Parque Antarctica, ensures two back-to-back State Championships; Corinthians is undefeated (seven wins in seven matches).

1930 January 4 , 1931 – the 5-2 triumph over Santos in Vila Belmiro ensures the 1930 State Championship. For the second time in its history the team wins three consecutive championship titles.

1931 The top players on the three-time champion team (Del Debbio, Filó, Rato, and De Maria) leave for Lazio, Italy.

1932 In the year of the Constitutionalist Revolution, the State Championship is played in a single round.

1933 Professionalism is introduced in Brazil, and Corinthians signs its first paid head coach, the Uruguayan Pedro Mazzulo.

May 20 – striker Zuza scores the most goals for Corinthians in a single match: six, in a 10-1 win against Sírio.

1934 Corinthians signs Teleco, who goes on to score 255 goals in 248 matches over the next ten years wearing the club Jersey.

1935 August 4 – a 4-1 rout of Palestra Itália at Parque São Jorge puts an end to a fiveyear dry spell against its traditional rival in the State Championship.

1936 Corinthians becomes one of a few clubs in the world to go undefeated for a whole year. From December 1935 to March 1937, the team plays 31 games without losing, with 28 wins and three draws.

1937 December 5– a 3-0 win over Estudantes ensures the first professional title and the first of three consecutive State Championships.

1938 April 25, 1939 – a 1-1 tie against São Paulo ensures the 1938 State Championship. Corinthians becomes twotime State Champion, going undefeated for the fourth time in its history.

1939 December 31 – a 4-1 win against Santos gives the team another three-time State Championship.

1940 April 28 – the team participates in the opening ceremony of Pacaembu Stadium. In the preliminary match, Palestra Itália trounces Coritiba 6-2; in the second match, Corinthians beats Atlético Mineiro 4-2.

1941 September 28 – a 3-2 win over Santos at Vila Belmiro ensures another State Championship title for Corinthians.

1942 March 28 – Corinthians thrashes Palestra 4-1 and wins the Quinela de Ouro Tournament, involving the three major teams in São Paulo (Corinthians, Palmeiras, and São Paulo) and the two leaders from Rio (Flamengo and Fluminense).

1943 July 1 – Corinthians beats Palmeiras 3-1 and becomes two-time City of São Paulo Trophy champion.

1944 For 300 contos de réis (a South American record at the time), Corinthians signs Flamengo defender Domingos da Guia, one of the all-time best defenders worldwide.

1945 August 12 – Corinthians beats São Paulo 2-1, with an additional five shots hitting the post, and becomes the only team to defeat the State Champion that year.

1946 Corinthians wins 18 out of 20 matches in the State Championship. Even so, it finishes second.

1947 May 1 – Corinthians defeats Portuguesa 2-1 and wins the São Paulo City Trophy once again.
1948 June 21 – Corinthians is the only Brazilian team to defeat the powerful Torino squad, four-time Italian champion, during its Brazilian tour, in a 2-1 victory.

1949 May 8 – in an exhibition match against Portuguesa, which Timão wins by 2-0, the team changes its regular uniform for the red Torino jersey following the team’s tragic plane accident.

1950 February 15 – the 1-1 tie against Botafogo at Pacaembu ensures the title of the RioSão Paulo Tournament.

1951 June 30 – in its first match abroad, Corinthians defeats a combined Uruguayan team by 4-1 at the Centenário stadium in Montevideo.

1952 January 13 – the 4-0 victory against Guarani at Pacaembu Stadium gives Corinthians another State Championship title after ten years. The forward line, with Cláudio, Luizinho, Baltazar, Carbone and Mário, is the first to score over 100 goals (103) in the professional era.

August 27 – after pounding Palmeiras 5-1, Corinthians retains the City of São Paulo Trophy indefinitely, having won it five times (1942, 1943, 1947, 1948 and 1952).

1953 January 25 – Corinthians wins the 1952 State Championship for the second time in a row.

May 31 – Corinthians wins the Rio-São Paulo Tournament once again.

July 14 – Corinthians beats Spain’s Barcelona by 1-0 and wins the Little World Cup in Caracas, Venezuela.

1954 July 10 – the 1-0 win over Palmeiras gives the team back-to-back titles in the RioSão Paulo Tournament, and its third overall.

1955 February 6 – the 1-1 tie against Palmeiras ensures the title for the previous year, 1954, the 4th Centennial of São Paulo. Corinthians is now called the “Champion of the Centennials”.

July 10 – Corinthians defeats Benfica from Portugal 2-1 at Pacaembu and becomes champion of the Charles Miller International Tournament.

1956 December 2 – after a 2-2 draw against São Paulo, the team reaches the mark of 25 matches without losing, winning the Undefeated Trophy for the first time.

1957 November 3 – with a last minute equalizer, the Corinthians-Santos match ends at 3-3, giving the team another 25-match undefeated streak in the State Championship and enabling it to keep the Undefeated Trophy.

1958 In Sweden, Brazil wins its first World Championship, with Corinthians players Gilmar (goalkeeper) and Oreco (left-winger) on the team.

1959 Corinthians ends a series of 64 matches against overseas teams, playing in Brazil and abroad, with 47 wins, ten draws, and only seven losses.

1960 For 8 million cruzeiros, Corinthians signs Vasco striker Almir Albuquerque, nicknamed “White Pelé”.

1961 February 25 – inauguration of Parque São Jorge’s lighting, with a crushing 7-2 win against Flamengo.

1962 June 21 – after a 3-3 tie against Santos at Vila Belmiro, Corinthians wins the first São Paulo Trophy.

1963 Second place in the Rio-São Paulo Tournament.

1964 Rivellino stars playing at the professional team.

1966 Corinthians wins the Torneio Rio-São Paulo for the 4th time.

1972 Corinthians loses to Botafogo at the Campeonato Brasileiro semifinal.

1974 Corinthians plays a ste final after 17 years. After the lost agains Palmeiras, Rivellino leaves for Fluminense.

1976 Around 80 thousand fans travels do Rio de janeiro to watch Corinthians defeating Fluminense at Maracanã and reaching the Campeonato Brasileiro final for the first time.

1977 After 22 years, 8 months na 7 days, Corinthians wins a Campeonato Paulista. Basilio scores the unique goal in the final match againts Ponte Preta, at Morumbi.

1978 Sócrates is now a Corinthians player.

1979 Corinthians wins another ste championship.

1982 The beggining of Corinthians’ Democracy. Led by Sócrates, Corinthians wins the Paulista title.

1983 Another state title under the moviment of Corinthians’ Democracy.

1988 Corinthians win the 20th Paulista title.

1990 Led by Neto, Corinthians wins his firts Campeonato Brasileiro.

1995 Cornithians wins the Campeonato Paulista and the Copa do Brasil for the first time.

1997 Timão wins another Campeonato Paulista.

1998 Corinthians wins the second Campeonato Brasileiro after finishig the first stage with the best campaign.

1999 Against Atlético-MG, Corinthians wins the Campeonato Brasileiro back to back.

2000 Timão wins the first edition os FIFA Club World Cup defeating Real Madrid, Al Nasser and Raja Casablaca at the group stage and Vasco da Gama in the final at Maracanã.

2001 Paulista state champions

2002 With Carlos Alberto Parreira as coach, Corinthians wins Torneio Rio-São Paulo and Copa do Brasil.

2003 With two 3-2 wins over São Paulo, Corinthians wins the Campeonato Paulista.

2005 With stars as Tevez, Nilmar, Carlos Alberto and Roger, Corinthians win the Campeonato Brasileiro for the 4th time.

2007 In the sadest year of his history, Corinthians is relegated to brazilian second division.

2008 With the best record of Série B history, Corinthians imediately returns to the 1st division.

2009 With Ronaldo Fenômeno leading the team, Corinthians wins the sta championship and the Copa do Brasil.

2010 100th anniversary of the club.

2011 With Tite as coach, Corinthians wins the 5th Campeonato Brasileiro

2012 For the first time in club history, Corinthians wins the Copa Libertadores after defeating Boca Juniors in the final. In december, Corinthians defeat the European Champions Chelsea to win the second FIFA Club World Cup trophy.

2013 Corinthians wins the Campeonato Paulista and the Recopa Sul-Americana against São Paulo.

2014 Corinthians inaugurates Arena Corinthians, his new stadium, that reeived the opening match of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

2015 Tite returns as Corinthians coach and lead de team the Campeonato Brasileiro title with the best record since 2003, when the competition began to be played  without playoffs.

2017 In the first season of Fábio Carille as coach, Corinthians wins the Campeonato Paulista and the Campeonato Brasileiro, becoming the team with most league titles in the country.

2018 Corinthians defeat Palmeiras in the final and wins the Campeonato Paulista for the 29th time.